Kambale Musavuli


Kambale Musavuli, a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo and one of the leading political and cultural Congolese voices, is a social entrepreneur and an international human rights advocate working with organizations and people across the world to join the Congolese in their quest to liberate their country.

He writes on issues affecting the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has served for the past decade as the National Spokesperson for the Friends of the Congo. He is a fellow with Globetrotter, a project of the Independent Media Institute that lifts up the voices of journalists who write on people’s struggles to make the world free of suffering.

He is currently an analyst with the Center for Research on the Congo-Kinshasa focusing on the role the 5th Pan African Congress in Manchester and Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah played in materializing the decolonization process toward a Panafrican Union.

“We are not alone. Africa, Asia and free and liberated people from around the world will always be found at the side of the Congolese people.” Patrice Lumumba


What is the most important question (s) you need to know the answer to at this moment in time to empower you and our communities to reach a future you would be excited to live in?

  • In the struggle to liberate the Congo, how can we all be free of oppression everywhere around the world?
  • What can we do to make sure that technology and knowledge are accessible to all without harming those who live on the land where resources are taken to make the world function?
  • How do we collectively build a world free of oppression and truly believe that is possible in praxis not in theory?

What exactly do you do and why?

I am a human determined to better the conditions of my sisters and brothers around me. Some may call it activism. I call it living. I believe the purpose of us in this world is to leave the planet in a better condition than what we found it in when we were born. Think about your home. Would you want to leave your home in shambles when you come home from work and find it all destroyed? Wouldn’t you want, if you are tired after work, to have a few people come help you fix your room faster so that we all can sit, rest, watch tv or do any activity that will expand or enhance our human experience? This is the crux of the work that I do.

I am an African born in the Congo whose land is endowed with wealth that makes technology exist and function. My purpose in life today is to make sure that the people of the Congo are in full control of their land and resources, exploit their resources for the benefits of the people and transform their land and country to be the transformational power to radically shift the future of Africa to a better world.

What is your unique perspective or superpower?

I believe with every fibre in my body that change is not only possible but implementable in a very concrete way.


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