Erica Wayne


Erica is a dog lover, amateur chef and current sales representative working at the leading eye tracking company worldwide, Tobii Pro.  Having previously completed her M.S. in medical science, Erica enjoys working with research groups and institutions in the US and Canada to understand human visual behaviour and help propel modern technology and research forward.  Erica worked with Karen on Perception IO at the Cooper Hewitt and was thrilled at the chance to contribute to another soon to be award-winning project about the human condition and importance of knowledge, truth, and democracy in society and technology.


What is the most important question (s) you need to know the answer to at this moment in time to empower you and our communities to reach a future you would be excited to live in?

If there is strength in numbers, why do people still not vote? How can we unite for peace and justice and rewire the thinking of those that succumb to fake media and inaccuracies?

What exactly do you do and why?

I sell tech and work with thought leaders in various fields to enhance and push the boundaries of scientific research as a consultant and initial collaborator.  When customers make leading discoveries in ASD research or discoveries about developmental psychology and language acquisition of infants, it makes my job worth it.

What is your unique perspective or superpower?

I can do five things at once.  No, really. I multi-task like nobody you’ve ever seen.

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Erica Wayne