Trinh Nguyen


Trinh Nguyen is a holistic security and movement building trainer. She currently serves as the Head of Operations for the Internet Freedom Festival, housed at ARTICLE 19, where she oversees the safety and security of IFF’s partners and participants. Trinh has over 15 years of training experience, previously working on campaigns for reproductive justice, anti-oppression, Internet Freedom, and pro-democracy efforts in Vietnam. As a movement building trainer, she incorporates capacity building and cybersecurity tactics to help diverse grassroots pro-democracy and human rights movements achieve digital resiliency and organizational security. Formerly a member of Viet Tan, a Vietnamese pro-democracy group, Trinh co-founded their Internet Freedom Program that worked to disseminate cybersecurity, anti-surveillance, and circumvention knowledge and technologies inside Vietnam. She is a board member of Horizontal, a technology nonprofit serving human rights defenders through digital security support and tool development, and a co-founder of Vietnam Rise, a movement building organization.


2020 Internet Freedom Festival