Fieke Jansen


Fieke Jansen is a PhD candidate at the Data Justice Lab at Cardiff University. She is interested in re-politicizing data and technology, by understanding it’s historical, social, cultural and political context in Europe. Her research focuses on how power relations in society are shifting as European police forces are integrating data and technology in their practices. She is also a Mozilla public policy fellow where she looks at and experiments with AI resistance practices. Prior to starting her PhD, Fieke worked for over 10 years as a funder, trainer, researcher and creator in the NGO space on the intersection of human rights, privacy, technology and data.


What is the most important question (s) you need to know the answer to at this moment in time to empower you and our communities to reach a future you would be excited to live in?

  • What role do we want police to play in society if any and what role does technology play in this?
  • Are there conditions under which we feel it is acceptable for the government to use data and technology?

What exactly do you do and why?

I’m a tech critic, where I try to question the power structures behind technology, challenges tech myths, repoliticize tech to make it tangible and understandable to people. I get motivated to work on the things that annoy me and that are injust.

What is your unique perspective or superpower?

Dutch sarcasm. Not sure if it is a superpower though 🙂


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