Chris Julien


Chris mixes research and practice in the fields of innovation, ecology and culture, with a focus on epistemology and governance. His activities include work at Waag — Technology & Society, Sandberg Institute and Extinction Rebellion NL. He is a board member for FIBER festival in the Netherlands and Valley of the Possible in Chile. He previously founded Novel Creative Consultancy, spent over a decade as a regular fixture at Red Light Radio and holds cum laude masters degrees in Conflict Studies & Human Rights and Cultural Analysis.


What is the most important question (s) you need to know the answer to at this moment in time to empower you and our communities to reach a future you would be excited to live in?

How to move people to psychologically and emotionally disconnect from growth/consumerist mindset, and engage with the reality of technological and ecological disruption this mindset has generated over the past 400/30 (depending on perspective) years.

What exactly do you do and why?

I’m an interdisciplinary researcher and practitioner working in the fields of ecology, culture and social innovation. Because these fields are both fascinating topically and urgent practically to achieve a paradigm-shift that is necessary for our ongoing flourishing on this planet.

What is your unique perspective or superpower?

Complex, entangled systems, from the quantum-physical passing through biological and societal all the way up to the mental and epistemological.